About ROVduino

ROVduino is an open source, rock solid robotics control system. ROVduino is designed for underwater robots, but is easily customized for any situation where a 100% fault tolerant system is required.

ROVduino uses an iPad with a custom hardware control interface to control a wirelessly attached robot via UDP communications protocol. Video streams from IP Camera are used to send a video feed back to the robot operator. The entire system is designed to be easily portable, and quick to setup and takedown.


  • UDP Communications for rock solid, minimal setup communications
  • Seperate GUI, communications, and processing threads to eliminate slowdowns
  • Natively written, hand optimized code is extensively tested on device to ensure optimal execution
  • Universal application works with iPad, and iPhone
  • Custom ROVduino hardware control interface connects directly to device. No external computers required for ROV control.
  • Wireless communications allows for device to be easily setup, and not remain tethered to base station.

Code Sections (GitHub)